Hardie Street Lighting saves you time and money!

Technical Brilliance

We employ folding, multi-positional aluminium posts that are fast and easy to install, even in narrow walkways, without requiring scaffolding or cranes. Hardie Columns are safer for workers and pedestrians alike, whilst drastically reducing installation costs and shortening timescales.

Economic Brilliance

Simple & inexpensive to install, Hardie Columns deliver tremendous economic benefits. Manufactured from aluminium, each lamp post unit is much lighter than traditional columns, reducing manpower requirements for installation.

Hardie Street Lighting is dedicated to changing the landscape of street lighting.

Comparison of Hardie Street Lighting costs to the traditional model

Traditional Purchase Cost 100%
Hardie Cost 33%
Traditional Transfer Cost 50%
Hardie Cost 10%
Traditional Maintenance & Support Costs 60%
Hardie Cost 15%

Typical street lighting installation process, compared with the Hardie model

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