Company Profile

Hardie Street Lighting… Transforming the Lighting Landscape

Hardie is dedicated to changing the landscape of Street Lighting. Over the past twenty years our unique design and build processes have set new standards for quality within every market sector in which we participate.

More than 25,000 Hardie street lights have already been installed across the UK, and Hardie Street Lighting continues to provide Councils and Authorities with a genuine alternative that brings both them, and the population, significant performance improvements and lifetime savings over legacy alternatives.

Local manufacturing enables us to be highly versatile and provide creative, customised solutions to challenges from small installations to large scale industrial projects. Our short supply chain also enhances our uniquely short delivery lead times.

We continue to innovate, refining our processes and expanding into new sectors. This advancement in LED street lighting gives us the ability to bring our reputation for creative design and attention to detail and create something amazing.

Hardie Street Lighting… Manufacturing Flexibility

Manufacturing flexibility and competitive costing do not typically go hand in hand. At Hardie Street Lighting; they do. Our UK based technical and engineering solutions offer highly flexible lead times, enabling us to manufacture specific quantities to order as the requirements arise or change. Our processes have been refined and matured over years of experience, embedding strict quality control into both components and finished assemblies.