Why Choose Us

Our street lighting is cheaper to buy, cheaper to install and cheaper to run!

We are transforming the lighting landscape and providing opportunities for Councils and Local Authorities to change and replace their old street lanterns for new cost effective updates. Hardie Street Lighting is helping to meet the ever increasing demands of light pollution from residents, whilst cutting installation and maintenance costs and dramatically reducing the lifetime costs.

Hardie Street Lighting is dedicated to changing the landscape of street lighting.

Comparison of Hardie Street Lighting costs to the traditional model

Traditional Purchase Cost 100%
Hardie Cost 33%
Traditional Transfer Cost 50%
Hardie Cost 10%
Traditional Maintenance & Support Costs 60%
Hardie Cost 15%

Typical street lighting installation process, compared with the Hardie model

  • Less energy consumption

  • Reduced light pollution

  • Long life - up to 100,000 hours

  • Excellent operating characteristics

  • Reducing carbon footprint

  • Dark sky friendly

  • Lower environmental impact

Hardie Columns can reduce installation costs through our innovative use of aluminium and patented extrusion technology. Our unique design incorporates a custom made, anodized extrusion that’s incredibly strong and light. Comparable aluminium that is used in the North Sea is still showing no structural degradation after 35 years. Our street light columns are designed to last beyond a generation.

In the past, aluminium was thought to be prohibitively expensive; with our volume manufacturing this is not the case. We can demonstrate installation cost savings of up to 75%. Due to their lightweight characteristics, our columns can be installed by a team of two men and a light weight vehicle (average column weight 6 – 12 kilos; well under the weight directive for manual handling operations regulations 1992) allowing one man to lift a column.

Traditionally, teams of between 5 – 10 men with mobile cranes were required to lift and place the steel columns, and the organisation and disruption required to provide access (traffic road management) to either install or replace existing lights has been made a thing of the past.

Content Management System

All our lamps integrate with the industry standard CMS – (central management systems) also known as telemanagement, and is the next step in remote dynamic street lighting control. Using a CMS, an operator can choose exactly when to switch each individual street light on or off and to reduce the lamp power. This allows any number of switching events and dimming levels. The CMS can also provide other benefits such as fault detection.